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Martina Drechsel

Visual Thinking

Learn how to draw your ideas
with pen and paper.

Make them clear and easy to communicate!

What is Visual Thinking?

Visual thinking is the ability to communicate thoughts through the use of simple images.

If you can draw a circle then you are well on your way to visually expressing complex ideas.

An image says more than 1000 words.

Drawings can be a great way for a team to align understanding, whether it is explaining a particular situation or a complex process.

I believe anyone can learn the simple drawing techniques needed.

Who is it for?

Visual thinking is a useful skill for anyone who needs to communicate ideas, create a vision or explain a process. It is for team leaders, project managers, teachers, students who want to think, work and communicate better.

Why does Visual Thinking matter?

When time is short and attention spans are even shorter, a shortcut to understanding can be crucial to success!

Visual Thinking helps to find solutions, to develop a vision.

It is about more than just drawing. It is about taking the time to organize your thoughts and improving your ability to clarify problems.

What I do.

I help my clients to think and communicate visually.

I teach storytelling through the use of images, sharing techniques on how to make drawing a professional routine.

Visual thinking is not just about knowing how to draw, but also understanding what to draw. It’s about structuring thoughts and iterating ideas to craft your story.

You will learn to draw and build your own visual vocabulary.

My workshops and courses help to retrain how you and your team think and communicate. When you take the time to draw, you slow down and become more focused, allowing for a space for your ideas to flow.

“Martina is a pleasure to work with and brings spirit and energy to every project. Her use of imagery and expressing meaning through photography is excellent.”


Sonja Schiefer
Director BMW Group Designworks, Shanghai Studio

“It was a great experience and pleasure to attend Martina´s workshop which
provided a lot of positive impulses and gave me precious insights on how to communicate and how to structure my ideas better. She kept things flowing and has a great sense of humor.
I would certainly recommend this course to anyone because the utility of being able to draw your thoughts is incredibly broad.”


Simon Steckholzer
Plant manager, Dr. Schär

“Martina’s visual thinking workshop was a great ice breaker and introduction how to illustrate and structure problems, challenges and ideas. It was fascinating to see how just an afternoon can have such an effective outcome!”


Stefanie Kubanek
Senior Lecturer, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

“Martina’s visual communication workshop is a joyful, thought-provoking and enriching experience. Her personal approach will leave a lasting mark in you.”


Maurits Montañez, Ed-Tech Entrepreneur

I understand the pressure of coming up with new ideas and I am ready to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years.

Start-up Experience/

Cofounder of digital storytelling platform Misiapp, and founder of foreign language study app Talktwo.

I know about the challenges of communicating with and leading a multidisciplinary team.


Teaching Experience/

Contract professor in visual communication at the Free University in Bolzano.

I know how to teach others to overcome obstacles and develop new skills.

Art Direction/

Editorial design for news magazines.

I know what it takes to create images that catch readers’ attention but also begin to tell a story.



Educational publishers and lifestyle magazines.

I think a good illustration should create an atmosphere, makes you feel something, when you look at it. I can show you how to work with metaphors and colour.

I work with individuals and teams such as schools, universities, large corporations and start-ups.

I can tailor workshops according to the needs of your organization.


Some possible formats of Visual Thinking include:


  • In depth workshop (1 day)
  • Integrated into innovation management workshops
  • Visual Thinking team building exercises
  • Visual Thinking coach (project based)


Instruction offered in English, German, French and Italian… online or offline.